It's hard watching your child
struggle with depression.

Learn about your options.

Clinical research doctors are evaluating a
study drug for depression in children.

The warning signs of depression

Is your child suffering from frequent bad moods, having difficulty focusing, struggling to keep up in school, or feeling sad all the time? Having one or more of these symptoms may be a sign of depression, a common and treatable condition.

Your child may not want to talk about their symptoms, and it may be hard for you to talk with them about depression. But if you know something's wrong and you haven't discussed depression with a doctor, it may be time to explore options. Untreated depression may not go away on its own, and it can impact your entire family.

Know the symptoms:

The signs of depression may surprise you. Does your child have:

  • Frequent bad moods
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Feelings of sadness
  • Poor school performance
  • Withdrawal from friends or activities

Learn more about depression in children. Check out the Parents Page.

Studying an investigational drug

Clinical research doctors are currently enrolling patients ages 7-17 that suffer from depression. This study will evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a study drug for the treatment of depression in kids and teens. Right now there are few treatments available for kids with depression. Therefore, researchers are working to prove that this drug is safe and effective for children under 18.

If your child qualifies and participates, the study will last up to 17 weeks. During that time, he/she will receive study-related medical exams and study drug or placebo at no-cost.

Knowing you have options for your
child's depression is the first step.

Now take action. Complete the online questionnaire to see if your child may qualify.

Qualified participants may receive:

  • Confidential and frequent care from a local psychiatrist with no wait
  • No cost study drug, or placebo
  • Compensation for time and travel
  • No insurance or referrals needed

Your child may be eligible to participate
in this 17 week clinical research study if he/she:

  • Has been diagnosed with depression OR suffers from undiagnosed depression
  • Is 7-17 years of age or older

Health insurance is not required. Additional criteria will be assessed by
the study doctor to confirm your child's eligibility.